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Re: Online Cross-Search of Reverse-Regular Directories?

Frank Stearns (
Thu, 11 May 2006 18:58:38 -0000

Dave Garland <> writes:

> It was a dark and stormy night when Frank Stearns
> <> wrote:

>> I received an important job-offer vmail that was incomplete -- the
>> caller left a first name and phone number, but the phone number
>> consists of only the area code and prefix. The last four digits are
>> missing.

> A reverse search is unlikely to find Mike at Fubar Inc. if all the info
> you have is his first name and a partial phone number. If you know the
> name of the company, you can probably track him down by calling their
> switchboard.

> There's something a little odd about this.

Odd in what way? The gentlemen did not leave a last name or a company name
(sure wish he had!); the last four digits were cut off from the message.
As noted, I did determine with telco help that the prefix I have was not
for a PBX or cell.

If it were possible to do what is a *trivial* query in any database where
one has partial match and selective field ability, I'd probably have
50-100 returns on such a query, and would be willing to call each one and
politely ask if they'd called me.

So, again, isn't there some way to search a telephone DB in this way, or
perhaps a site that would permit 9,999 reverse dir queries via a
looped script?

Thanks in advance,

Frank Stearns

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