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Last Laugh! Re: Online Cross-Search of Reverse-Regular Directories?

8ackgr0und N015e (
13 May 2006 18:30:45 -0700

Frank Stearns wrote:

> Dave Garland <> writes:

>> There's something a little odd about this.

> Odd in what way? The gentlemen did not leave a last name or a
> company name (sure wish he had!); the last four digits were cut off
> from the message.

"Hi, this is George ... I've got a job for you, call me at

As opposed to:

Hi Frank, this is George Bush, I got your name and number from Harriet
Meirs. She speaks highly of you. She said you would be able to help
us here at the White House with a problem we have tracking down male
prostitutes who pose as journalists. We are trying to keep this
confidential, so call me directly on my private line. Ask for George
at 202-456-2930.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Big guffaw! Snort, laugh ... now
should I or shouldn't I print that Direct Inward Dial centrex number
to Dubya's office? At least it was the direct line into the Oval
Office back in the days of Bush the First when I published the pirated
copy of the White House internal phone directory which came my way
back in the 1980's ... by now, it probably was abused so much his
Highness probably ordered C&P -- or whoever their telephone company is
-- to change the number. PAT]

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