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Re: Call Forwarding and "Dialed Number" Information

Mr Joseph Singer (
Thu, 11 May 2006 16:40:45 PDT

Biren <> 9 May 2006 08:48:33 -0700 wrote:

> I have a question about call forwarding and availability of "dialed
> number" (this could be applicable to both landline and GSM phones):

> Some user has set up his/her phone (with number A) to forward "all"
> incoming calls to a certain number B (using sequence *21*B# for GSM)
> and some caller C calls in A's number.

> Is there any way we can obtain "original dialed number" (i.e. A) at
> site B -- before deciding to respond to the forwared call? At site B,
> caller ID provides original caller (i.e. C) -- but can we correctly
> obtain "called id" by some means? Is it available at all?

> If number B is an 800 (or other toll-free) number with ANI/DNIS
> service, can we get the originally dialed number?>>

As they say "it depends." Normally in forwarding/diverting situations
the original number will show in the call display of the end party and
not the number that it's being forwarded/diverted from. If the number
it's being forwarded/diverted is a toll-free number it may "destroy"
forwarding or it may keep it intact. When I use my "Kall8" number to forward to another number the
original number is presented to the end party's caller ID display. I
have an option with my toll-free number that I can have either the
"real" number presented or the toll-free number presented to the end
party's display.

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