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Re: Does DSL Speed Correlate With POTS Speed?

Koos van den Hout (
23 Apr 2006 13:54:44 GMT

Harry Dodsworth <> wrote in

> I'm thinking of getting DSL. It is available in my area now with a
> download speed of 3 Mb/s (to my number and neighbours).

> However the best connection speed I can get over my phone line with a
> 56k modem is 31.2 kb/s. With the same computer I was able to connect
> to freenet at 48k over long distance from Toronto.

> As my POTS line isn't the best, can I still get a good DSL connection?

I had the same worries when I switched from a 2-wire leased line which
had trouble staying at 33k6 after rainy days (56k requires special
digital equipment at the ISP end of the line so I was limited to 33k6
and two leased-line modems) to ADSL (named 'mxstream by kpn' in those

Either I was very lucky (the ADSL service was on a different pair
which had ISDN with no bit-errors at all) or ADSL is affected in
different ways than analog modems.

I have monitored the ADSL stats for that line for years, using scripts
you can find at if you happen
to have a speedtouch home modem and perl. The 'maximum line rate'
reported was always very high, around 7 megabit. The used line rate
was ofcourse lower, limited to what the subscription said.

This in a Dutch city with its high population density and short
distances to exchanges.

Koos van den Hout

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