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Anthony Bellanga (
Sat, 22 Apr 2006 18:30:50 -0600

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Jan Schmidt asked:

> Am looking for a site where one can enter the AC and NNX and find out
> what city the telephone number is located in.

The US NPA-NXX lists, direct from Neustar NANPA (North American
Numbering Plan Administration), can be found at:

and then click on "Central Office Code Utilized Reports", and then
select the state and NPA you wish to find the NXX central office code
for. There will be information as to the city and "default" telephone
company that the NPA-NXX code is associated with. As for the telephone
company, remember that there is also "thousands-blocks"
sub-assignments, as well as portability, which isn't necessarily
reflected in these lists.

Neustar NANPA's Central Office Code data will include only United States
jurisdictions, including DC, Alaska (907), Hawaii (808), Puerto Rico
(787 and its 939 overlay), US Virgin Islands (340), Guam (671), the
Northern Mariana Islands: Saipan, Tinian, Rota (670), and American Samoa

Canadian NPA-NXX lists can be found from the SAIC CNA (Canadian Numbering
Administrtor)'s website, at:

Click on the area code region on the map of Canada, or the area code
as indicated in the list of codes just below the map, and you'll get a
larger list of all NXX central office codes and information as to the
city and "default" assigned telephone company. Again, remember that
with portability, the customer might have ported their number away
from the "default" telephone company assigned.

Those parts of the Caribbean which are a part of the NANP (North
American Numbering Plan, Country Code +1) but outside of the United
States (i.e., the Dominican Republic, and also the various "British"
islands, such as Bermuda, Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago,
Grenada, etc) assign their own NXX codes within their NANPA assigned
NPAs. You might have to find individual websites maintained by the
various island country's numbering assignment bodies for further

However, Ray Chow (of Toronto ON Canada) maintains a "Local Calling
Area" website, which can be a very useful resource for the entire NANP
region, including those Caribbean areas part of the NANP but not part
of the US:

But also note: Ray has indicated in the Yahoo Group he created on
local calling area issues, that he might need to move his website to
another server/domain in the near future!

Hope this helps!

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