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Re: Does DSL Speed Correlate With POTS Speed?

Harry Dodsworth (
Mon, 24 Apr 2006 04:03:50 GMT

Many thanks to those who answered my question, which was essentially,

> Will I get a good DSL connection when I only connect at 31.2kb on POTS".

The consensus of the answers was "Probably!"

As Geoffrey Walsh wrote about the financial side, I will comment on that.

I'm not anxious to get cable service from Rogers. Partly because I
still remember their negative option billing fiasco (they increased
rates for supplying extra TV channels unless you opted out). Partly
because of local dissatisfaction with their unilateral bandwidth
capping and the dropping of newsgroups. Mainly because I don't have
cable TV, so I either have to add that or pay a surcharge for cable
internet without TV.

However I am a Bell Canada customer. Apparently all DSL service in
Ottawa is provided by Bell Nexxia. This is wholesaled off to various
ISPs who sell it as part of various plans. Bell Sympatico, the ISP
branch of Bell, include 24/7 help desk, MSN, and various features and
rent modems. Freenet, a non-profit community ISP, sells DSL at a
lower markup but with fewer features. Troubleshooting is done by
volunteers or through online discussion groups (I've lived with that
for 12 years on dialup). Static IP service is available for a small
surcharge. Users may supply their own DSL modems. However Freenet
sell the Speedtouch 516 (for single port ethernet) or Speedtouch 585
(4 ports + wireless). The advantage of these is that they are supplied
configured for Freenet, and the volunteers are familiar with them if
there are problems.

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