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Re: Who Owns the Music?

Steven Lichter (
Mon, 05 Dec 2005 05:20:46 GMT

DevilsPGD wrote:

> In message <> Steven Lichter
> <> wrote:

>> Common sense should tell you that if you sell/give away the CD you
>> should delete any copies you have of it. That is the same rule for
>> computer software, you have the right to make a copy but once you no
>> longer own the original, you have to delete any copies you have for
>> backup.

> Common sense may tell you that, but in my jurisdiction you'd be very
> wrong.

> Of course, common sense would tell you that when I burn my own singing
> to a CDR, I shouldn't have to pay the music industry.

> Since I do one, I do the other without any moral or ethical objection.

> Before posting legal advice please take the time to investigate where
> the person asking the question is located since their jurisdiction may
> have vastly different rules then yours.

I was not posting legal advice and besides this has to to with Federal
Law!! Read the other postings that came before mine and after. Also
title 17 of the US Code which others have listed is really open on
that, since as was said it covers mostly software, not music, but the
lines are mixed now with all the online access to music and video.

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