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Re: Satellite GPS Can Locate Wireless Phones Within 15 Feet
Mon, 5 Dec 2005 15:36:04 UTC

For VOIP, I think it would be necessary for either the terminal
adapter (TA) or the host PC (soft-TA) to have a GPS receiver built
into it to be able to do E-911.

A way this could be helpful is if when the TA first connects to the
VOIP switch, it sends its GPS coordinates; the switch could then reply
with a list of phone numbers corresponding to the closest 911 call

Herb Oxley
From: address IS Valid.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I have been told GPS does not work that
well _inside a house or an office_; that its optimal use is when
attached to an outside thing. Most VOIP set ups are indoors, are they
not? What advantage and disadvantage would there be to equipping VOIP
terminal adapters either with a small antenna capable of receiving GPS
coordinates (although you might have to mount the GPS receiver either
next to a window or preferably _outside_ with a wire running in to the
TA itself)? Or, another approach might be for the TA unit to 'listen'
for '911' being dialed, and then instantly breaking the connection and
redialing 911 via a landline phone nearby? Or, have the 911 interception
be done at the local ISP (whose lines you were on anyway) and have the
ISP forward your call to the local 911 authorities along with its
records of who you were, where you were at, etc? PAT]

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