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Re: Infone to Shut Down

Gordon S. Hlavenka (
Mon, 14 Nov 2005 00:01:25 -0600

DevilsPGD wrote:

> If I ever had the need to call 411 I'd have called Infone, but
> I simply haven't used 411 since I signed up with Infone.

Same here. I set up an Infone account when they were fairly young,
not so much for 411 service as for all the other stuff they offered.
For instance, you can chain calls -- an Infone call is 80 cents for up
to 15 minutes; you can call somebody, have a brief conversation then
"flash-hook" back to Infone and get hooked up with somebody else on
the same 80 cents. Very handy for hands-free use. Or, you can call
for driving directions and simply stay on line with Infone and let
them "talk you in" to your destination.

Or so it seems from the service description, anyway. Unfortunately I
have my phone numbers programmed into my cellphone (which has decent
voice recognition), and as I'm blessed with a Y chromosome I never
need to ask for directions :-)

Anyway, I'm sad to see them go, even though I hardly knew them...

Gordon S. Hlavenka
If your teacher tells you to Question Authority
Should you do it?

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