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Re: MIT's 5ESS: (was: NN0 Central Office Codes)

Garrett Wollman (
Mon, 14 Nov 2005 00:58:24 UTC

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Tony P. <> wrote:

> The 7506 -- I'm not familiar with that model so I googled. Looks very
> much like a 7406 except the speaker, mute, etc. buttons are in the
> wrong place.

The 7506 and its big brother the 7507 are the only ISDN desk sets I've
ever seen in use anywhere. T/LU/Avaya ceased manufacturing them
several years ago, and MIT is one of Avaya's largest customers for the
refurbs and maintenance. At this point, I think they (IS&T) are just
hoping the things will last long enough to figure out how the economic
model for VOIP works, and then they can dump the 750[67]s (most of
which are being used by staff, who already have newish computers with
sound cards) and probably significantly downsize if not eliminate the

Life safety is a big issue, particularly, on a campus the size of
MIT's the whole E911-for-VOIP quagmire. They'll probably have to keep
some analog capability for the foreseeable future, but if they can get
everyone over to VOIP by 2009ish they could probably outsource the
remaining copper.

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