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Re: Roaming Charges
14 Sep 2005 09:58:21 -0700

Kevin Lindow wrote:

> I have a situation regarding my cell phone company. I contacted my
> cell phone service and discussed "roaming" charges before I went cross
> country. The phone company told me if the cell phone didn't show
> "roaming" on the phone that the call would stand as a local
> call. Well, I just got the bill and it is 300 bucks, full of "roaming"
> charges.

That's a tough issue, unfortunately, and a common cause for complaint.

Many cell phone carriers advertise "no roaming charges" when in fact
there are roaming charges defined in microfine print. Perhaps other
users can expand on this and how to handle it.

I guess the first thing you should do is check your contract and
service plan for its definition of roaming and your local territory.
If you were not in roaming territory you shouldn't pay the bill.

Otherwise perhaps you could negotiate a reduction in rates. Maybe
others have better suggestions.

[My phone is pretty explicit -- only my immediate region is local,
everywhere else is roaming at $1.00 minute surcharge. But a little
light on the phone goes on when roaming. I have noticed that in
border areas (e.g. a rest stop on the turnpike at the edge of my
service territory), that sometimes I'm roaming, sometimes I'm not;
because the base site antenna used varies all the time even in a fixed

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