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Joseph (
Tue, 13 Sep 2005 22:29:47 -0700

On Tue, 13 Sep 2005 19:39:50 GMT, Kevin Lindow
<> wrote:

> I have a situation regarding my cell phone company. I contacted my
> cell phone service and discussed "roaming" charges before I went cross
> country. The phone company told me if the cell phone didn't show
> "roaming" on the phone that the call would stand as a local
> call. Well, I just got the bill and it is 300 bucks, full of "roaming"
> charges. I swear only one call indicated "roaming." Should I pay the
> bill and shutup and chalk it up as experience or should I refuse to
> pay the bill? And, in the meantime, how do I make phone calls to
> friends and family back home -- without racking up more "roaming"
> charges?

Well, since you do not give any details of which company this is or
what kind of plan you have it's sort of hard to make any sort of
recommendation on how you should proceed. Each company has different
policies on what is considered roaming. Some companies don't even
have roaming charges depending on the plan. Some plans do have
roaming charges. In order to provide you with any suggestion on what
you should do you'll have to provide us with more information on which
company you're using and where you're traveling and what kind of plan
you have subscribed to.

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