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Al Gillis (
Sun, 19 Jun 2005 12:26:04 -0700

Well Steven, an outage involving three DS-3s would likely be related
to an OC-3 failure (an OC-3 at ~155 megabits/second will carry three
DS-3s or just over 2,000 voice channels). I'd guess one of two
failure types caused your emotional trauma: Traditional "back hoe
fade" or an OC-3 to DS-3 mux went on "time out" for a while.

For example, at my work we've got several kinds of access -- one
flavor has a small mux (a Fujitsu FLM-150) arranged on a SONET ring to
a companion mux in a nearby CO. That's great, except that both sides
of the SONET ride in the same fiber sheath -- so if it gets dug up
(the aforementioned syndrome of "back hoe fade") down she goes! Also,
of course, if some of the common stuff in either mux (on either end of
the SONET circuit) fails down she goes!

And who knows? Maybe this mux in San Bernardino wasn't even
configured for SONET -- Maybe it was just single ended!

Like many things in life now-a-days, communications is more fragile
than we might expect or like!

Steven Lichter <> wrote in message

> We had an outage today involving them and Verizon in San Bernardino,
> California. Anyone know anything about this. The only thing I could get
> out of them was that 3 DS3's were lost. I would think that there would
> have been backups and they would have been able to reroute within a
> few minutes.

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