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Re: Monitor/Recorder for Residential Power Line Outages?

Sun, 19 Jun 2005 08:33:28 -0700

Multiple mea culpas or brain glitches of my own to apologize for:

>> In article <>,
>> (Robert Bonomi) wrote:

>>> It should be obvious that any such device will need to be powered by
>>> some sort of UPS. Whereupon you may as well use a UPS. <grin>

I missed (or misinterpreted) the <grin>.

>> In my household the built-in wall oven apparently has a built-in
>> battery;

> Usually a 'super-cap', rather than a real battery.

Makes sense, and adds a small item to my EE education.

>> Most annoying is the expensive, highly touted Bose radio: it loses all
>> its settings -- time, station presets, etc -- on even the slightest
>> power glitch. (Lots of other things not to like about this overpriced
>> radio as well -- DON'T BUY BOSE is my recommendation.)

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Now wait a minute! I have a Bose radio
>> and that does not happen. The radio has a battery compartment which
>> keeps everything in place. The battery does _not_ continue to play
>> the radio, but when our power goes out here, I do not have to reset
>> the clock or the presets, etc. Do you have a battery in your Bose
>> radio? PAT]

> Depends on the model, Pat. Bose does make more than one. ;)

On closer inspection mine does have 9 V battery backup -- and the
battery was dead. (My radio is installed in a tight space, hard to
pull it very far out, and I missed the battery compartment on the

Still seems to have poor FM reception however. Adjusting the antenna
that came with it to all possible positions never gets clear reception
of a weak local station that a $25 armband sport radio with no antenna
brings in with no trouble.

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