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Steven Lichter (
Sun, 19 Jun 2005 22:39:26 GMT

I'm retired from GTE, almost 10 years now so I have been away from it,
but to me it there should have been a backup or B side running,
besides it was out 7 1/2 hours. It was the company I work for that
lost all of their calls coming into Riverside from San Bernardino and
a few out of state calls, yet our incoming 800 number worked fine, it
had been an AT&T number until we switched companies, so maybe that was
still running through them and was not affected by the outage.

I think we should go back to Step by Step, much better.

Al Gillis wrote:

> Well Steven, an outage involving three DS-3s would likely be related
> to an OC-3 failure (an OC-3 at ~155 megabits/second will carry three
> DS-3s or just over 2,000 voice channels). I'd guess one of two
> failure types caused your emotional trauma: Traditional "back hoe
> fade" or an OC-3 to DS-3 mux went on "time out" for a while.

> For example, at my work we've got several kinds of access -- one
> flavor has a small mux (a Fujitsu FLM-150) arranged on a SONET ring to
> a companion mux in a nearby CO. That's great, except that both sides
> of the SONET ride in the same fiber sheath -- so if it gets dug up
> (the aforementioned syndrome of "back hoe fade") down she goes! Also,
> of course, if some of the common stuff in either mux (on either end of
> the SONET circuit) fails down she goes!

> And who knows? Maybe this mux in San Bernardino wasn't even
> configured for SONET -- Maybe it was just single ended!

> Like many things in life now-a-days, communications is more fragile
> than we might expect or like!

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