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Re: Do Not do Business With Sprint PCS !
Tue, 31 May 2005 07:12:37 -0700

You could very well have the same, or similar, experience with any of
the wireless carriers. The contract is really for service, not the
phone. Sometimes we have to accept that, as consumers, we make bad
choices as to the equipment we decide to buy. You could replace the
phone with one that works, stay on the account, and sue them in small
claims court over the defective equipment (as opposed to the wireless
service). wrote:

> I went to the same company-owned store I bought my Sanyo 7400 from a
> couple of months ago, starting a new two-year contract. The earpiece
> got progressively worse in sound-quality, as for me to hardly
> understand the conversation. I asked for a replacement or repair.

> After they looked at it, they said no, as there was "nothing wrong
> with the phone." There sure was, with the sound quality absolutely
> terrible. While waiting for my phone, I tested other Sanyo phones in
> the store. Many sounded bad too, my mine sounded the worst. The
> phone in its present condition is worthless to me. So I call up
> Sprint directly. They said they couldn't help me. So I said fine,
> just cancel the account, refund the purchase price for my phone after
> the $150 rebate they sent me (I offered to send the phone back to
> them), and don't charge me a $150 early termination fee, since they're
> not honoring their warranty or conditions to my contract, since I have
> a phone I can't call from and can't do a thing with. They refused,
> even after talking to two supervisors. I've been a customer of them
> for four years, but it took four years for me to suddenly figure out
> what an unethical company Sprint is. They're awful. Avoid them at
> all costs!

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