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Re: Packet8 DTMF Tones Sound "Clipped"

PrinceGunter (
31 May 2005 07:29:30 -0700

> I regularly forward my Vonage service to my cell phone, and from there
> my cell phone transfers the call invoice voicemail. Callers can enter
> their phone numbers to get a call back, this function works fine.

> I also check my own voicemail through the forwarding loop sometimes
> (If I'm traveling in Texas I can dial my Texas virtual number as a
> local call, rather then calling long distance to my cellphone's number
> in Calgary.)

Both of these instances have the DTMF travelling in the opposite
direction than the situation I'm dealing with.

I'm placing an inbound call to a Vonage number that's been forwarded,
and expecting DTMF back from the recipient. As the caller, however, I
can generate DTMF to the recipient just fine.

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