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Re: Do Not do Business With Sprint PCS !

Steven Lichter (
Tue, 31 May 2005 23:33:49 GMT wrote:

> You could very well have the same, or similar, experience with any of
> the wireless carriers. The contract is really for service, not the
> phone. Sometimes we have to accept that, as consumers, we make bad
> choices as to the equipment we decide to buy. You could replace the
> phone with one that works, stay on the account, and sue them in small
> claims court over the defective equipment (as opposed to the wireless
> service).

> wrote:

>> I went to the same company-owned store I bought my Sanyo 7400 from a
>> couple of months ago, starting a new two-year contract. The earpiece
>> got progressively worse in sound-quality, as for me to hardly
>> understand the conversation. I asked for a replacement or repair.

>> After they looked at it, they said no, as there was "nothing wrong
>> with the phone." There sure was, with the sound quality absolutely
>> terrible. While waiting for my phone, I tested other Sanyo phones in
>> the store. Many sounded bad too, my mine sounded the worst. The
>> phone in its present condition is worthless to me. So I call up
>> Sprint directly. They said they couldn't help me. So I said fine,
>> just cancel the account, refund the purchase price for my phone after
>> the $150 rebate they sent me (I offered to send the phone back to
>> them), and don't charge me a $150 early termination fee, since they're
>> not honoring their warranty or conditions to my contract, since I have
>> a phone I can't call from and can't do a thing with. They refused,
>> even after talking to two supervisors. I've been a customer of them
>> for four years, but it took four years for me to suddenly figure out
>> what an unethical company Sprint is. They're awful. Avoid them at
>> all costs!

Last month my ear piece jack went out, the phone was less then a year
old and I do carry the replacement insurance on it, but in my case it
made no difference. They replaced my phone no questions asked, the
tech reprogrammed my phone directory; which they do, but he also moved
all my ring tones and other stuff from the phones browser. I had
little trouble with them when the phones went bad, but moved when the
merger went through because I had had major problems with GTE
Moblenet, and at the time I was with GTE California. I got so made at
them, I told the rep I was talking to, I wanted to speak to the
President of the company, what was strange is they transfered me and
was talking to him.

I told him my problem and he fixed it, but I still dumped the service.

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