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Re: Forward Fax to Email

Scott Dorsey (
5 May 2005 10:08:19 -0400

Jeremy <> wrote:

> I currently have a fax number that is widely used by my clients.
> Problem is that I get a ton of fax "spam" if you will. I am looking
> for the BEST solution to have these faxes forwarded to e-mail, while
> keeping my existing fax number since that is the one everyone knows
> and uses.

I find that if you take one or two of the fax spammers to court and
get judgments against them, you get on their bad list and suddenly the
amount of fax spam you receive is dramatically lowered.

> Because of the number of "spam" faxes I receive via fax, I have to
> replace my toner about every other week. As you can imagine this is a
> very high expense for me, so I thought if I could have them sent to
> e-mail then i could print the ones I want to keep and delete the
> trash.

That's why it's illegal to send fax spam, yes. Has been for well over
a decade. An afternoon in small claims court can get you a judgement
for a few tens of thousand dollars (which will probably never be paid,
of course), but more importantly it will provide relief.


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