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Re: Lingo (Primus Telecommunications) Horror Story

Danny Burstein (
Mon, 25 Apr 2005 01:12:22 UTC

[ tale of repeated improper billing to credit card edited ]

>> Today, I received a letter saying I've got 10 days to pay Primus
>> Telecommunications 61.99 or they turn me over to a collection agency.
>> What would you do if you were in my situation?

As I'm fond of repeating ... Run, do not walk, to your typewriter and
send a letter to your state attorney general and cc the public service
commission. And for good measure add in the FCC and FTC. The people
sending you the bills are treading across (and in my opinion are way
past) the fraud line.

There are broadly speaking three possibilities once your letters get
there. Choice "b" seems to be the most common:

a) you'll get completely ignored;

b) they'll take your note and forward it
over with a cover letter to the various people.
That will usually get the attention of someone
or another who can fix things for you.


c) just maybe, after they get umptity identical
complaints, they'll start actually hitting these
businesses and the people running them with civil
and even criminal actions.

Knowledge may be power, but communications is the key
[to foil spammers, my address has been double rot-13 encoded]

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