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Re: Law May Help Freeze ID Theft / 2003 Law Helps Californians

Thomas A. Horsley (
Mon, 25 Apr 2005 01:42:09 GMT

> The weapon is a little-known California law -- the only one of its
> kind in effect -- allowing residents to freeze access to their credit
> reports. Such a step effectively prevents identity thieves from
> opening unauthorized credit accounts in the names of their victims.

So, just out of curiosity, how does a consumer properly identify
himself to request one of these freezes? (or, probably more
interesting, an unfreeze :-).

How long will it be before we see malicious "denial of credit"
attacks? (At least there isn't a lot of profit to be made from
denying credit, so instead of organized crime, we'll only get mindless
vandalism, messy divorces, and political tricks on your opponents as
sources for these attacks).

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