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Re: Lingo (Primus Telecommunications) Horror Story

Ginger Holiday (gholiday@domain.withheld)
Mon, 25 Apr 2005 23:12:31 -0400

Ed wrote:

> Here's my VOIP phone story:

> I signed up for Lingo on August 13, 2004. They've never sent me
> equipment and they've never let me quit.

> Today, I received a letter saying I've got 10 days to pay Primus

> Any suggestions? Do I call a lawyer or the local television station
> to be interviewed?

> What would you do if you were in my situation?

Many states have consumer protection laws aimed at such practices.
For example, in Massachusetts, the statue is Mass General Laws Ch 93A.
Under this law, if somebody sends you a bill for something you don't
owe, you can send them a demand letter explaining why you don't owe
the claimed amount and give 30 days for them to repond. If they don't
respond in 30 days, you are entitled to treble damages. Letters like
this can get a company's attention very quickly. Send it to the top
officer at the top office, and send it certified, return receipt.
Check the laws in your state, and possibly look for other examples to
learn how to proceed. Of course send your complaint to the attorney
general's office, consumer protection office, etc. for good measure.

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