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Tony P. (
Sun, 3 Apr 2005 12:00:59 -0400

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> wrote:

>> I heard my school district will modernize and replace the classic
>> "blackboard" (or greenboard) with modern 'whiteboards'. I can't help
>> but wonder if this is a dumb idea.

> I remember elementary Catholic school, 20 years ago, where white
> shirts, and black pants was the uniform of the day, so when come the
> last class on Friday, stealing what ever chalk was left on the board,
> was the thing to do.

> We had "chicken fights" on the walk home, where one guy on the back of
> another would try and do as much damage as he could.

> The white chalk would wash out no problems, so mom wasn't mad.

> Egoism, bumps and bruises ...

> That and being bad that day in class and you could be penalized by
> having to say after and "clap the erasers", which meant you'd miss the
> fights. <g>

Can you honestly tell me you guys never chalked a nun/priest/brother?
That was a favorite trick -- just run up and pat em' on the back with
a well used eraser.

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