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Re: New Technology Brings Back Old Problem For 911

Tony P. (
Sun, 3 Apr 2005 12:11:17 -0400

In article <>,

> Jack Decker wrote:

>> "What we want to make people aware of is they are not able to access
>> 911 like you can on a traditional phone," said Mackinac County 911
>> Coordinator Pam Matelski. "The dispatch center will not get your
>> information."

> <tongue in cheek mode>

> Given the amount of airtime this issue has been given, anyone who is NOT
> aware of the VOIP vs. 911 issue should be left to die when calling 911,
> thus weeding their stupidity out of the gene pool and hopefully
> improving humanity.

> <\tounge in chee mode>

> Seriously. Ths issue has been beaten to death in the media.

Because the incumbents are hemorrhaging red ink because of VoIP, and
their offerings come too little too late.

So at any opportunity they'll try to kill VoIP, or at least the
competitors at first, then they'll let their own VoIP services whither
so people will flock back to the three-9's reliability of circuit

The issue with E-911 is NOT a technical issue at all. For example,
Vonage can get E-911 to work just fine in Rhode Island of all places. I
dial 911 and I get the actual emergency answer point and they get my
address info.

Vonage uses facilities based carriers like Paetec and Focal, those
already have interconnection to E-911 services in most every community
they server.

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