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Re: Blackboards vs. Whiteboards

John Hines (
Sat, 02 Apr 2005 00:21:10 -0600 wrote:

> I heard my school district will modernize and replace the classic
> "blackboard" (or greenboard) with modern 'whiteboards'. I can't help
> but wonder if this is a dumb idea.

I remember elementary Catholic school, 20 years ago, where white
shirts, and black pants was the uniform of the day, so when come the
last class on Friday, stealing what ever chalk was left on the board,
was the thing to do.

We had "chicken fights" on the walk home, where one guy on the back of
another would try and do as much damage as he could.

The white chalk would wash out no problems, so mom wasn't mad.

Egoism, bumps and bruises ...

That and being bad that day in class and you could be penalized by
having to say after and "clap the erasers", which meant you'd miss the
fights. <g>

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