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Re: Classic Telephone Call on PC

Gerhard Nowak (
Sat, 2 Apr 2005 15:40:43 +0400

Thanks for answering. Now I`m a bit released. I just thought, only I
don`t see the solution.

But why is it working on VoIp so easily?

My problem is to connect my international calls via VoIp to local
calls from people don`t have ADSL so that these people can talk
together. Here in Mauritius not many people can afford ADSL and is
much more expensive than in the States or in Europe.

I thought, the realisation of this idea must be much easier ...

But thanks anyway I will continue to look for a possibility, maybe I can
at least manage to weld the Phone-cable to my headset ... like in the
old times with accoustic coupler ... or switch to Linux.



T. Sean Weintz <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

> I've never seen a program that will do what you are trying to do.

> What would have to happen is the computers sound card would have to
> record your voice on the sound cards microphone, digitize it, and then
> play it back out the modem. To do that, you need a modem that shows up
> as a multimedia device under windows (most don't) and of course you also
> need software to actually do what I describe above. I have never seen
> such.

> Plenty of software will DIAL for you, but then expects that once the
> call is made you will pick up the call on a plain old handset plugged
> into the passthru port on your modem.

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