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Re: Classic Telephone Call on PC

Robert Bonomi (
Sat, 02 Apr 2005 09:37:15 -0000

In article <>, T. Sean Weintz
<> wrote:

> Gerhard Nowak wrote:

>> Hi there,

>> Since 3 months I try to get any proggy and tried out everything starting
>> from Hyperterminal to make a phonecall on my laptop!

>> Its just not possible! It's amazing, how all related programs guide
>> into the wrong direction.

>> Please help, if there is anybody out there to do so. Maybe I got
>> something wrong, or else. I don`t know:

>> If I use hyperterminal of windows -- and all other proggies are
>> derived from this - I can call a party, of course; and I also hear the
>> voice, but there is never a conversation and I can never answer, I can
>> not even "lift" the phone of the hook!

>> What to do?

>> Thanks in advance,

>> Gerry

> I've never seen a program that will do what you are trying to do.

It *does* exist.

> What would have to happen is the computers sound card would have to
> record your voice on the sound cards microphone, digitize it, and
> then play it back out the modem. To do that, you need a modem that
> shows up as a multimedia device under windows (most don't) and of
> course you also need software to actually do what I describe
> above. I have never seen such.

As you say, special hardware is required. It's called a 'voice/data'
modem. a whole bunch of people used to sell 'em; I have no idea about
the current market, not having used a dial-up modem in probably 5
years. ("always on" broadband does change your habits! :)

The 'bundled' software that came with such modems *did* provide the
capabilities the OP is trying to use.

I've got an old Toshiba "Tecra" laptop (Windows 95) that has a
voice/data modem, and came with full-blown "telephony" software. Not
only can I use the built-in microphone/speakers as a "hands-free"
telephone/speakerphone, It does automatic telephone answering, and
even handles multiple voice-mail mailboxes. About the only "big
system" feature it _doesn't_ have is a programmable IVR subsystem.

I still like my antique "Complete Answering Machine" (from 'The
Complete PC') better though -- their mailbox access from the
keyboard/screen is a truly superior design. Too bad they 'went
under', years ago. Their voice/fax/modem card is one reason I still
have a _286-based_ box running!

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