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Every Ten Days

Choreboy (
Wed, 30 Mar 2005 18:08:04 -0500

March 9, somebody from 877 467 3277 called. I answered on the second
ring and they hung up. They did it again March 19 and March 29.

A search engine turned up a coed 3,000 miles from here whose blog
reported the same thing in November:

" ... omg someone called me and then hung up ... here I got their
number it's 1-877-467-3277 lol so if you wanna call and bitch at them
do so."

If she was annoyed that somebody didn't apologize for misdialing, it's
hard to imagine that instead of dialing back immediately, she would
have thought it over and asked those who saw her blog to harass the
caller. It's easier to believe that because she has a blog, the
company offered her a commission for anyone who called in her name.

I suspect that people all over the country are receiving these hang-up
so some will call back to bitch because if these calls are logged,
their names can be sold on a list of people who, according to
somebody's interpretation of the law, are fair game for telemarketers.

I hesitate to call the toll-free number, but I don't want to keep
running to answer the phone for a company that intends to hang up on
me. What should I do?


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: That telephone number 1-877-467-3277
belongs to 'Sears Home Improvement Products'. PAT]

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