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Verizon, Voicewing and Portability
29 Mar 2005 14:29:30 -0800

Please tell me if this makes sense:

I live in Manhattan and currently have Verizon local and DSL. I would
like to switch my local service to VoiceWing 500 (same as regular
VoiceWing with 500 minutes of outgoing calls/month, for $19.95). I
just got off the phone with multiple Verizon customer service people;
they all told me varying things, but the basic upshot is that because
I'm a DSL customer, I can't get VoiceWing on the same line, since DSL
requires a regular land line. That seems to me to be completely
backwards -- after all, wouldn't the most obvious customers for
VoiceWing be current DSL customers? Yet they're telling me those are
the exact people who are ineligible for the service (unless I'm
willing to sign up for an entirely new phone line, which would be
completely pointless and cost me an additional $20/month). What's
more, while at least one person had told me this situation could
change in the near future, the last guy I spoke to said it was a
structural problem that could never be rectified.

Now, as I said, I got different answers from different people, and in
general, people seemed to be a little confused about how VoiceWing
works, most likely because it's still relatively new. Can anyone out
there shed any light on this riddle? Does anyone currently have both
VoiceWing and Verizon DSL, with no additional phone lines?


Zorro for the Common Good

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You will need to do the very same thing
as I did. You will need to, in this order, (1) install cable internet
to replace DSL; then once the cable internet is installed in order to
avoid any network downtime, (2) tell Verizon to get their DSL off of
your line, ASAP, immediatly, etc. (3) Once the DSL has been removed,
_then and only then_ can you tell VoiceWing to port your existing number
(I assume you prefer to keep your number) to their service. In my
instance, it was SBC's DSL and the local telco I wished to use called
'Prairie Stream'). (4) Once VoiceWing ports your number to them, then
Verizon will die off naturally on their own. To avoid being without
either internet for a few days (while waiting for cable to get
installed) or without telco (while Verizon has a hissy fit and keeps
sending VoiceWing on an endless looping run-around), you will need to
do it in the order I specified above. In other words, it is _your_
problem if there is any duplication on your premises between DSL and
cable) for a few days.

Oh, and be prepared for Verizon to suddenly get very busy and decide
'it may take two or three weeks to get the disconnect order written'
both on the DSL and also on the phone itself. You cannot, by Bell
System fiat, have _their_ DSL and _someone else's_ phone service. They
have chosen to take that gamble thinking that because they are *so*
special, and *so* precious, anyone who knows anything about anything
would realize Bell is the best deal around and want to stay with them
until forever ...

You may want first of all (before you begin too much sass and
talk-back with Verizon) to find out all you can about VoiceWing. I've
never heard of the company, and assume they are like most CLECs
offering residential service; that is, they take over your billing and
your service out of their cage at the Verizon central office, and
Verizon will continue to carry the last mile or whatever to your door
step. (At one point, I seriously entertained keeping Bell's DSL here
with Prairie Stream as the telco [same phone number, just LNP'd over
to them from SBC] until, IMO [and look, no /H/ in the middle there;
that's because I do not give 'humble' opinions] SBC got very arrogant
and rude, midst all their lies to me, etc and left me with the option,
'take us entirely, or not at all.' Calling their bluff, I said, "okay,
I will take none of you". They were shocked to hear that, of course,
and have pestered me ever since to return to the fold. At first, the
'return to us' offers were reasonable, but as time went on, they got
more and more outrageous; their latest 'please come back' offer to me
is unlimited service, all custom calling features, and long distance
for $2.95 (_two dollars, ninety five cents_) per month for one year.
But you know, the way SBC lies about so much stuff, how can I trust
them on the $2.95 per month for a year deal, especially when along
with that offer was two pages of terms and conditions in very small
print that I did not bother reading.

I expect your mailbox will soon be loaded with their premium offers
and cut rate prices on service starting soon after you ditch them
also, if you decide to go with VoiceWing, or Gage, or one of the other
CLECs licensed in your area. And you _can_ use LNP to keep your
number as long as you get the DSL off your line, although Bell is fond
of telling the CLECs "customer does not qualify for transfer" (because
he has our DSL, although they do not say why 'not qualified' unless
they are pressed for an answer). I hope this helps you a little, and
good luck as you break away from Bell, as more and more people are
doing. PAT]

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