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Re: Verizon, Voicewing and Portability

John Levine (
30 Mar 2005 05:52:18 -0000

> they all told me varying things, but the basic upshot is that because
> I'm a DSL customer, I can't get VoiceWing on the same line, since DSL
> requires a regular land line.

Does it make sense? No. Is it true? Unfortunately, yes.

Just this week the FCC ruled that it has jurisdiction over DSL, not
the states, and it affirmed its ill-considered finding that telcos do
not have to provide "naked" DSL.

I agree that you're probably better off with a cable modem.


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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: And have you noticed, as I have, how
cable internet is usually _much faster_ than DSL? Both downloads and
uploads go amazingly fast. And our local CableOne office gave me a
choice of either a 'full T-1' or 'half-speed' which is apparently a
smaller 'pipeline', but in either event, quite enough for most
residential use. Anyway, our original correspondent should enjoy
reading all the outrageous offers Verizon starts making to him once he
does a 'Terri Shivo' on them and pulls the plu. PAT]

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