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Zorro for the Common Good (
30 Mar 2005 11:25:14 -0800


Thanks for the reply. VoiceWing is not a separate company, but rather
Verizon's own VOIP product. That's why it makes such little sense that
current Verizon DSL customers would be unable to sign up. Also, I just
re-upped with VDSL for another year in order to get the $30 rate, so
switching to a cable modem isn't an option.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Ah yes, the cheaper rate if you agree
to go for one year. When SBC sensed I was getting unhappy and about to
toss them out, they tried that on me also. Re-up for one year on DSL,
get it for thirty dollars per month. When I reminded them that they
had earlier promised (and lied) about having a cheaper rate on DSL as
long as I also subscribed to Cingular Wireless [which I do] -- then
they later claimed that would not apply in my case and would not honor
the rate; and when I reminded them they had earlier also promised a
thirty dollar rate if I subscribed to a whole truckload of unwanted
and sometimes useless 'custom calling features' including
voicemail,[which at the time they said they would turn on, then a day
or two later a technician told me they could not do on this exchange]
and they later told me they had not promised any such thing; then you
have to forgive me if I did not want to take any more chances on
them. I am on a very fixed income and cannot afford something as
expensive as Southwestern Bell DSL when a bunch of hollow, bogus lies
come as part of the package. Maybe you will have better luck getting
Verizon to honor a promise of a thirty dollar rate. Watch and see how
the bill slowly starts to creep up with invoices of a dozen or more
pages written in hierogliphics arrives. You call them each month to
complain about the increase and what they promised you in the re-up,
they say 'so sorry, our mistake we will re-rate you next month and
pro-rate the credit you have due.' Then the next month your bill
arrives, two or three times as many hierogliphics as the month before
and if you wade through all the re-rates and pro-rates you see they
actually did the same thing again. For that, you get to wait in their
voicemail hell 'as a valued customer' for 30-45 minutes each time.

Anyway, if you did not actually _sign anything_ as part of the re-up,
don't worry about it. Just tell them, as I did, "well, I lied about
it, I never promised, etc." They'll never be able to get their act
together well enough to produce any paperwork anyway. I'd suggest that
unless there is paperwork to the contrary, you just back out of the
deal and go with cable and some CLEC. It will work out cheaper for
you in the long run. My cable internet, Prairie Stream telephone line
-and- my VOIP phone line turn out to be less each month than SBC
was costing. PAT]

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