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Re: Motorola v550 - Picture Downloading??
7 Feb 2005 16:43:31 GMT

In article <>, Pete L
<> wrote:

> I know quite a bit about computers but phones are a bit of a mystery
> to me! We have just obtained a Motorola v550 and after wading through
> the manual Ihave mastered the art of working the thing. What I cannot
> seem to do is download pictures from it to my PC. I've been through
> all the manual and it doesn't mention it. I have a UBS cable and some
> software tools - which again don't seem to mention downloading pics.
> Surely it can be done? Question is how? Anybody out there ideas,
> please?

I just recently went though this with my daughter, who get that phone
from her mother.

I assume you're using XP?

We made the mistake of inserting the Bluetooth adapter and just
expecting XP to "do the right thing", as it usually does.

After several days of loading/unloading/re-installing/searching I
found that there is a significant difference between Microsoft's
Bluetooth software and what came with the Bluetooth adapter we
bought. Also, once you allow Microsoft to associate their driver with
the adapter it will remember that association and continue to use it
no matter how many times you un-install the adapter and try to install
other software.

Once we physically deleted the appropriate file(s) from the system we
were able to re-install the driver software that came with the
adapter, and then everything worked great. I don't recall exactly how
it appeared, but it was fairly intuitive once it worked.

Sorry I can't recall the files to delete (it was several weeks ago).
You can probably find them with an appropriate Google search.

John Meissen

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