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Re: Motorola v550 - Picture Downloading??
8 Feb 2005 17:53:43 GMT

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>> What I cannot seem to do is download pictures from it to my PC.

> We made the mistake of inserting the Bluetooth adapter and just
> expecting XP to "do the right thing", as it usually does.

A quick follow-up ...

The installation instructions that came with the dongle explicitly
stated that you MUST install the software BEFORE plugging in the
dongle. That's because once you plug it in, XP associates its own
driver, which it considers to be more "correct" than anything you try
to install later and hence will never be replaced. The same problem
can occur if you apply SP2, since it will replace any existing
manufacturer's driver with its own.

This KB article describes the procedure to fix the problem. Remove
the dongle, follow the procedure to remove the XP driver (I used
the Device Manager to remove the device, deleted the file, then
rebooted), then install the software that came with the dongle,
THEN plug the dongle in and establish the association with the phone.;en-us;840635

Hopefully that will correct the problem. It worked for us. Once we got
the dongle's software installed the rest was a breeze and my daughter
is happily moving pictures back and forth between her PC and the

John Meissen

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