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Re: Need Recommendations for Economy "Pay as You Go" Cell Phones

Joseph (
Mon, 07 Feb 2005 10:18:34 -0800

On 6 Feb 2005 08:59:16 -0800, wrote:

> Need recommendations for economy "pay as you go" cell phones.

> This is for a 10 year old child in California -- to be used ONLY in
> EMERGENCY situations.

> My child is probably going to use between 5 and 30 minutes a month.

> I think there is no point subscribing to a plan.

> Any recommendations for a "pay as you go" economy cell phone ? (like
> prepaid cards ?)

A lot of it will depend on where you are. If you're in or near a
major city most any of the companies around Cingular, Verizon,
T-Mobile, Alltel, Virgin Mobile, etc. will likely work similarly in
that you'll have to have a compatible phone and subscribe to a
company's network. You'll buy refill vouchers usually in amounts of
anywhere from $5 to $100. The refills will have "expiration" times by
which you either need to make a call or add more money to the account
to keep the account from being discontinued. If you keep track of the
account and add more money generally the money you alreay have in the
account stays there and is just added to by the new refill you add to
your account. You cannot however just "forget" about it. You'll need
to do something such as add money periodically to keep the account.

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