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Re: A Question About VOIP Spam

helosix (
21 Jan 2005 23:50:00 -0800

As long as they have your number, they can send what ever they like to.
Let's just hope they don't start listing mobile numbers.

A VoIP call is just like your traditional phone line, in that anyone
can call you as long as they have your number, IP or PSTN, it's just
the delivery method. Both required a call set-up process to establish
and maintain a connection.

Text messages and SMS are more like trying to print when you are out of
paper. If the data can not reach it's desination it is place in a sort
of que, once you add paper (turn the phone on) it completes the


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Yeah, that's true, but I certainly hope
I never get to the point of as much VOIP/cell phone/text message spam
as I get on a typical day in email. PAT]

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