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>> I've used cell phones continuously since 1993. I don't have any
>> tumors.

> Congratulations.

> And my neighbor smoked cigarettes since he was very young, and just
> recently died of unrelated causes at 96 years of age.

> One isolated case doesn't prove a point.

Agreed. However, the simple scientific truth is that the forms of
radiation that cause cancer are pretty well known. The radiation from
a cellphone, even at a thousand times its power level, couldn't cause
a single mutation of a human cell. We also have ample data regarding
the specific wavelengths that cellphones use, since they're very close
to the wavelengths used by microwave ovens. Cellphone wavelengths
CANNOT cause cancer. It is categorically IMPOSSIBLE. And don't go
bringing high-voltage electrical wires into the discussion, either,
because the power of a cellphone is somewhere in the same league with
a pocket flashlight.

The long and the short of it is that if every single person on earth
owned a cellphone and used it for 16 hours a day for 50 years, it's
over 99% that not a single one of us would develop radiation-related
cancer from the cellphones.

We know that cigarettes cause cancer (and heart disease and a host of
other dreadful ailments), because there are thousands and thousands of
cases every year. In many countries, use of cellphones now outstrips
smoking, both in terms of proportion of the population and in terms of
the number of minutes per day engaged in the activity.

So my comment before about using a hands-free kit was not meant in any
way to validate the fears of cellphone usage, but merely to point out
that *IF* you still harbor an *IRRATIONAL* fear of cellphones, there
is a very simple way to reduce the risk from one in a trillion to
maybe one in a quintillion.

USING A CELLPHONE: incredibly minuscule, vanishingly small risk of
dangerous radiation. You're more likely to be EATEN by space aliens.

USING A CELLPHONE WITH A HANDS-FREE KIT: all that risk, divided by a
factor of a million or more.

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I have never been eaten by space aliens
but I have come close to being eaten alive by all the taxes they charge
on my beloved cigarettes. This coming September, I'll have been a
tobacco user for fifty years -- a half century. I've gone from 24
cents per package (25 cents per package in a machine; the machines
could not accept pennies; but they dispensed a penny as change wrapped
up in the cellophane wrapper on the cigarette package, along with a
book of matches) up to $3.00 per package (Kansas is *much* cheaper
than many places [four or five dollars per package in Chicago]) and
I have thought about quitting the filthy habit but gotten no where at
doing so. When I started smoking, in 1954-55, I did so because it
showed I was glamorous and sophisticated. PAT]

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