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Re: Vonage Customer Cares DOESN'T Really Care
Sat, 22 Jan 2005 02:22:44 -0800

Tony P. wrote:

> In article <>,
> says:

>> Hi there,

>> Well I've been using Vonage's services for over one year, as time goes
>> the service was each time worst.

>> I had a problem with my ATA, and I asked for help to them for over one
>> month, and believe it or not, they will never reply to your mails, if
>> you call them, they will never answer, and the customer support
>> service (live-online-chat) is even worst they can only say: Please
>> call 1800-Vonag...... or do you want to give us more Money??? Why
>> don't you Sign Up. And never help you.

>> If you are thinking about signing up with Vonage, I suggest you to
>> think twice, because you will only receive news from them when you
>> change your credit card number or so. But they will never help you and
>> they will keep changing and charging money. You might be lucky if your
>> ATA works for over 8 months, then you will have to buy a new one

>> ($80.00 more - $40.00 disconnection fee and a new $40.00 activation
>> fee). ??????? By the way again, if they answer you some day ...

>> I expected more of Vonage, my first impression is that it was a big
>> company, but the whole company seems to be managed by two or three
>> people.

> So far I've had good experience and that's going on 3 months with the
> service. An issue with ring voltage was resolved to my satisfaction.

> I did note that email doesn't get answered but if you have patience
> you can call and eventually get answers. Average wait is 30 minutes.

> The quality of the line is very good and the price is right.

> You get what you pay for. If you want instant service and all the
> features go ahead and pay your ILEC or a CLEC. But if you want good
> sound and so-so service stick with Vonage. I've got a fairly high
> tolerance for lack of service when the price is right so I'll stay
> with Vonage.

This must vary with the broadband ISP. I have had Vonage for two
years on cable broadband, and it has only continued to improve during
that time. Any outages I have had had been because my hardware got
out of sync. (That has become less frequent over time).

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