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A Question About VOIP Spam

Patrick Townson (
Thu, 20 Jan 2005 17:00:00 EST

I do not know if this makes and sense or not, but perhaps someone can
respond. Since VOIP connections go through the internet to a 'mailbox'
sort of like email, what would happen if a spammer sent several
thousand pieces of spam to the servers at Vonage for example? Not the
voicemail boxes (although that should be possible also) but I mean, to
the 'channels' conversations are handled on. Wouldn't all those
subscribers get bothered by the spam? Reason I ask is, I loaned my
old prepaid AT&T cell phone to Lisa's husband, (normally I just leave
it turned off when not in use which is most of the time), and as soon
as he turned it on, it immediatly buzzed to indicate text messages and
voice mail were waiting. The five or six text messages were all spam,
and the voicemail messages were the same thing. Now on my own personal
cell phone, every day lately I have been getting 'test messages' which
are nonsensical things; just subject lines saying 'test' from silly
numbers which do not exist. I haven't yet gotten any of this on my
Vonage VOIP phone, but that is possible also, I would think. Can't
any device which works through the internet get spammed?


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