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DevilsPGD (
Mon, 20 Dec 2004 23:57:27 -0700

In message <> Weston Fire 22
<> wrote:

> Just to check things out, I switched to pulse dialing and it works
> fine. So, tone dialing doesn't work, pulse dialing does. I proceeded
> to call Motorola support (and waited 30 minutes on hold) and was
> promptly told,"Sir, this is a digital phone and you need to call your
> phone comapny and make sure you have a digital phone line and not an
> analog phone line. If the phone company says you have a digital line,
> then call us back." Huh?? Never before have I heard such a thing.
> Sure the phone says digital on it, but so do my other two cordless
> phones (though not Motorola's).

> So did the support guy just not know what was wrong and decided to
> send me on a chase and hope he didn't get me when I called back? Any
> insight would be appreciated.

Any phone with a TONE/PULSE switch is analog by definition, no digital
service would use analog tones (or would repeatedly short the circuit,
for that matter) to communicate data, the very concept is absurd.

In other words, he was probably not happy in his job :)

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