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Re: Motorola MD481 Cordless
21 Dec 2004 16:54:53 GMT

In article <>, Weston Fire 22
<> wrote:

> I got a MD481 cordless phone the other day, after charging overnight,
> yada, yada, I went to use the phone today. Any number I call, local
> or long distance, I get a message from the telco saying the call
> couldn't be completed, etc.

> Just to check things out, I switched to pulse dialing and it works
> fine. So, tone dialing doesn't work, pulse dialing does. I proceeded
> to call Motorola support (and waited 30 minutes on hold) and was
> promptly told,"Sir, this is a digital phone and you need to call your
> phone comapny and make sure you have a digital phone line and not an
> analog phone line. If the phone company says you have a digital line,
> then call us back." Huh?? Never before have I heard such a thing.
> Sure the phone says digital on it, but so do my other two cordless
> phones (though not Motorola's).

> So did the support guy just not know what was wrong and decided to
> send me on a chase and hope he didn't get me when I called back? Any
> insight would be appreciated.

Wow. That is so "Dilbert"-ish I had to laugh, in spite of your obviously
not funny predicament.

You were fed a line a mile long.

John Meissen

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