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Re: Vonage Voice Quality Getting Worse?

Rob Levandowski (
Sun, 19 Dec 2004 23:15:29 GMT

In article <>, Rick Merrill
<> wrote:

> A number of people 'think' they have a problem with their VoIP
> provider, BUT the problems only occur when talking to someone on a
> CELL phone. The reason may be that the compression algorithms used in
> the cell phone do not "fit well" with the compression algotithms used
> for VoIP. - RM

I've noticed that the voice quality of my Vonage line has *improved*
lately. The line seems far more resistant to echo in the past few

When I first got my Vonage line, I had many dropouts. I have a Cisco
ATA, and I use a UNIX system as my home firewall/router. I was able
to improve the reliability and call quality quite a nbit by configuring
my firewall to give priority to the Vonage packets and to TCP ACK
packets in general. Less geeky users with consumer-grade home routers
may not have the ability to do this.

Rob Levandowski

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