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Re: Wireless in Cherryvale

John Levine (
19 Dec 2004 06:56:35 -0000

>> The A-side AMPS carrier is Alltel with CDMA and analog, and the B side
>> is US Cellular with TDMA and analog. There's also some 1900 MHz
>> carriers, but your 5165 is 800 MHz only.

> Sorry you have incorrect information. The Nokia 5165 is 800/1900 TDMA
> and 800 AMPS.

Gee, look at that. All the time I had a 5165 it never picked up a 1900
signal, but I suppose that has more to do with where I live.

Anyway, the guide says that Cingular does TDMA and GSM 1900 but not in
Cherryvale. The guide says there is TDMA 1900 in Cherryvale from
Dobson, but Dobson's web site says not. So I'd guess the lousy
connections are from falling back to AMPS.

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