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Re: Vonage Voice Quality Getting Worse?

Tony P. (
Sun, 19 Dec 2004 13:03:20 -0500

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> In message <> John Levine
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>>> A number of people 'think' they have a problem with their VoIP
>>> provider, BUT the problems only occur when talking to someone on a
>>> CELL phone.

>> In my case, I have observed lousy voice quality when picking up my
>> Vonage voice mail on the voice prompts which are, I presume, coming
>> directly from Vonage's servers. I haven't noticed cell phone voice
>> quality being much worse than it is elsewhere.

>> I do have one more clue: people tell me that even when I can barely
>> understand them, they can understand me fine, so the problem is on the
>> inbound side. I don't understand that at all, since my net connection
>> is equally fast in both directions (it's a T1) and I usually have more
>> outbound traffic from web servers than inbound.

> It could be that Vonage is having issues on their side, or that some
> router/link on the path Vonage's traffic takes to get to you is having
> problems but the reverse is stable.

Vonage is pretty much ISP dependent. They haul from your local ISP to
either a Paetec or Focal switch and put it out on the PSTN from there.

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