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Wireless in Cherryvale
Fri, 17 Dec 2004 20:15:24 EST

What kind of wireless service do they have in Cherryvale? I was
there a week or two ago and tried three times to make a call.

My phone is a Nokia 5165, which has both digital and analog
capabilities. It displayed simply "Roam" (not "Cingular Roam") so I
must have been in an area (never encountered one before on my
"regional plan"), and then my attempts had these results:

1. Assorted noises, perhaps switching noises, no connection.

2. Very noisy connection, cut off several seconds into the recorded
message at the number (in Cherryvale) I was calling.

3. Clean connection, and proceeded through the called number's
announcement message all the way to the beep to record, and I did
leave a message, apparently successfully.

My service is registered in Oklahoma City, area code 405, and Kansas is
in the "region."

You're probably familiar with the situation in Cherryvale and
would know what kind of service I got, what carrier, and why it was so

Just wondering, no big deal. It was a day with bright sunshine and
the calls were made from different locations in Cherryvale.

Wes Leatherock

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Cherryvale, with around 2000 residents,
has the same carriers we have here in Independence, namely Cingular
Wireless, Alltel, and Sprint. But the towers are few and far apart.
Now that I think about it, I don't beleive any carrier has an office
there in town, however, in all fairness, I am a few blocks down the
street from a Cingular Wireless tower here in Independence, but yet
now and then my phone says 'roam' also (Nokia 6100 series, an older
type phone). If I 'cycle the power' it comes back up in Cingular,
but when I tested it (by dialing 611 when 'roaming') I found I was
on Alltel. PAT]

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