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Re: Wireless in Cherryvale

John Levine (
18 Dec 2004 21:02:18 -0000

> What kind of wireless service do they have in Cherryvale? I was
> there a week or two ago and tried three times to make a call.

The Wireless Travel Guide gives this info for Montgomery county.

The A-side AMPS carrier is Alltel with CDMA and analog, and the B side
is US Cellular with TDMA and analog. There's also some 1900 MHz
carriers, but your 5165 is 800 MHz only.

Your phone should roam OK on US Cellular since it's a TDMA phone,
but Cingular programs in a list of preferred carriers, and if Alltel
is preferred more than US Cellular, it could be trying to do analog
on Alltel rather than TDMA on US Cellular.

You can try dialing 611 to see who you get. If it's Alltel, that
explains the crummy service. If it's US Cellular, who knows, might be
a distant tower, might be a problem between Cingular and US Cellular
authorizing your phone.

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