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Re: Dropping SBC For a VoIP Solution -- Vonage or Packet8 ??

Rick Merrill (
Wed, 08 Dec 2004 16:24:07 GMT

Ringo Langly wrote:

> Hi ... it might be the Google Groups screwing-up, not sure but I did
> post a review last week yet it's not showing-up in the thread. Either
> way here's another quick review after using the phone for a week.

> Setting-up the Packet8 VoIP box was cake, and it was ready to go after
> maybe 10 minutes. My first delimma was I had to enable DHCP on my
> router, which I generally keep turned off. After checking online
> there is no way to assign a static IP to the VoIP device they sent me.

> Anyway, my first call went well, but there is a noticeable delay when
> calling a landline -- and the more traffic going over your broadband
> the more the delay. My roommate was running Bittorrent downloads, and
> it wasn't until after I disconnected her computer that the delay was
> low enough to actually carry on a conversation.

> But with the broadband line opened-up (no downloads) it worked great!
> The sound quality was excellent and though the delay was maybe 1/4-1/2
> second at times it worked well. I even called the technical support,
> which I got right through in like 2 rings, but they couldn't do
> anything for the delay. I had update the firmware in the box before
> calling them too.

> One feature I tried that didn't work well was the call forwarding. I
> forwarded the line to my work number, called my house, and within a
> couple of rings my work phone rang. The delay was (no kidding) 2-3
> seconds. Total pipe-organ effect, which makes this feature useless
> for me.

You wired it up wrong, and I'll try to say why. It should be

Then the TA does "QOS"(quality of service) to reduce the through put
so that voice quality is maintained (downloads via the router are
slowed). Also, it means that you do not have to enable DHCP on the
router unless you want it.

The TA has a unique MAC address and picks up an IP from your ISP's DHCP.
In theory this means you can take your TA with you and call from
anywhere there is a broadband connection. - RM

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