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CallerID Name was Re: Countering the "Lingo Sucks" Thread

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Wed, 08 Dec 2004 11:00:29 -0500

> Dan Lanciani wrote:

>> (Ted Koppel) wrote:

>>> If you're going to complain about Lingo, at least do it
>>> for real reasons:

>>> - still not sending callerID *name* (although they are sending number)
>>> on outgoing calls

>> So what does it mean to send callerID name on outgoing calls? I was
>> under the (mis?)impression that calling name presentation was normally
>> implemented by the terminating switch doing a database dip using the
>> SS7-passed calling number. I heard some talk of an end-to-end
>> version, but I thought it wasn't generally supported.

>> Dan Lanciani
>> ddl@danlan.*com

> Exactly. If the name on caller ID is not coming up, it's not the
> sending telco's fault, it's the receiving telco's fault.

Actually, it might not be. Fault can be relative. In KC, Verizon and
SBC were mutually refusing to pay each other for database lookups, so
neither were displaying name. I suppose it's possible that in this
case receiving telco is refusing to pay Verizon's exorbitant rate, but
that all depends on the rates in that MSA.

The 'sending' of name is usually in exended data elements that are not
universally used in the US, which is why you sometimes see it on
Avaya-to-Avaya PSTN calls, but not usually between different vendor
equipment. I also thought I read somewhere that there was an FCC/PUC
kind of requirement. Sending of name does work in Canada, from what
I'm told.


(My opinions are my own, and not necessarily those of my employer, but
sometimes we agree.)

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