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Routing Problems To the Cayman Islands

Paul Barnes (
26 Nov 2004 05:45:31 -0800

Hi All:

I work for Cable and Wireless in the Caribbean, and we have received
several complaints that in the past 3-4 weeks, that persons in many
parts of the world (including the US and Canada) who try to call
cellphone NXX codes in the Cayman Islands have been experiencing

Some of the experiences received when placing the calls are dead air,
fast busies, reorder tones, pretty much everything else besides a
completed call. Note that the cellular infrastructure is back on its
feet after the passage of Hurricane Ivan in September, RF problems
are not contributing to this issue.

We have arranged for test calls to be made to the Cayman cellphone NXX
ranges from all of the major Tier 1 international carriers with whom
C&W has agreements to bring traffic into the region: ATT, IDT, MCI,
Sprint, BT, Teleglobe and CWC. All of these test calls were
successful. We think that these problems may have resulted from some
least-cost routing arrangement that a tier 2 or 3 carrier is engaged
in. C&W has no direct relationships with any such carriers. I was
hoping that someone in the group might be able to offer some advice on
how we could proceed to get some help in fixing this routing problem.

I have listed below some test Cayman cellular numbers, if any one in
the group would be so good as to dial these numbers and let me know if
they were successful in reach the party in Cayman, I would appreciate

Cayman Islands NPA, 345 (part of the North American Numbering plan)

Test numbers:

345 516 0810
345 525 0006
345 916 2850
345 914 0303

Thanks in advance for any feedback, advice, ideas, etc.

Paul Barnes
Manager, Technology & Operations
Cable & Wireless Carrier Services
Tel: 246-292-1297

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