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Re: Vonage Trying to Reuse My SC Number

Fred Atkinson (
Sat, 21 Oct 2006 21:31:17 -0400

> Vonage doesn't officially support porting numbers out. It's against
> the AUP too, actually.

This is a concept I don't understand. How can their (and
Voicepulse's) AUP to prevent their customers from porting numbers out?
I believe the FCC mandate is to require number portability. If they
can escape this responsibility by simply adding a clause to their
policy, then what is the point?

> However, they can't really stop you either. Their system simply
> cancels your service but someone has to go through to make sure they
> don't reassign it.

That sort of makes sense. It suggests an administrative/managerial
weakness in their process.

However, Voicepulse did stop me from porting a number.

> Watch carefully over the next couple weeks, your number might
> magically get ported back to Vonage as a result of this.

It wouldn't surprise me. But as I stated, I called Vonage about it.
They've assured me they will do nothing to hijack my number. And I
called Carolina Net (my current provider). They are asking their
porting folks to be sure my number isn't ported again.

Would it be possible for a VOIP company to port away someone's number
without a copy of their bill and a signed authorization? If so, that


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