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Re: Speed 8 and Speed 30 (re: ESS Feature Usage)

Mr Joseph Singer (
Thu, 10 Aug 2006 07:32:50 -0700 (PDT)

Tue, 08 Aug 2006 20:33:04 -0600 Anthony Bellanga wrote:

> I do not think they ever promoted 'Speed Dial-32' all that much.

> My observation is that many BOCs and LECs are trying to eliminate or
> reduce promotions for Speed-8. Since you can get over three-times as
> many central-office memory slots with Speed-30, and telco can charge
> more as well, most telcos would prefer the customer to get "30" over
> "8". Most (though not necessarily all) BOCs and LECs can easily offer
> a single customer BOTH Speed-8 AND Speed-30 on the same line. There's
> no network or switch programming conflict with having both on the same
> line!

My ILEC Qwest with their "super" packages offers you both 8 and 30
"fast dial" services in addition to other CLASS services. That's
getting sort of moot anyway since all the new VOiP services include
all CLASS services included in your monthly cost.

> You can still get speed dial for your cell phone, although with all
> the ways of saving numbers on your cell phone, I cannot see why
> anyone would need it as a _network_ feature as well.

> I can't see anyone getting or using "Speed-8/30" as such on a
> cellphone (although I think it is possible, although necessariy 8 or
> 30 coded entries -- even those PBX and Centrex, and single/multi-line
> packaged features described above don't necessarily use the 8/30
> "convention"), since as you mention that you can do all kinds of
> things to save dialed numbers in a cellphone, i.e., the cellphone's
> own personal directory.

I'm not sure if this trick works on anything other than Nokia GSM
handsets but you can actually have more presets for numbers than just
2 - 9. If you key any number followed by # you have as many "quick
dials" as you have numbers in your phone's contact list. This "trick"
does not seem to work on anything other than GSM handsets.

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